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Armando Rose Architects is an international architectural, planning and interior design firm located in New York that emphasizes quality and client satisfaction in the pursuit of great design solutions. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of the design and construction process, and passionate in serving our client's needs to achieve the best possible product. The firm's multi-disciplinary resources are made available to each of our clients in order to expedite and ensure every project reaches a successful completion.


Since our inception we have provided architectural solutions, creating value for our clients through in-depth planning, that is delivered through our integrated design and engineering approach and through our expertise in the means and methods of construction and our practiced ability to navigate complicated city agencies assuring project approvals and permitting in the shortest reasonable time frames. 

 Our goal for every project is to maximize the financial returns of our clients investment while maintaining the highest caliber of design creativity required in solving each undertaking.  


Our firm was founded with the goal of providing the highest level of service through the understanding of the particular needs of each client, as well as, the specific parameters for each project, thereby finding solutions that put those needs foremost to achieve success in the end result.  We believe that excellence in design goes hand-in-hand with cost control on all projects. In order to control costs, we believe that both our fees, and the design decisions that ultimately lead to the final construction budget, should be in line with our clients expectations.


We strive to assure the financial and programmatic success of each project through this integrated and thoughtful approach. It is this appreciation and commitment to the design process and refined business acumen that allow clients to feel comforted when deciding to work with our firm.  We understand that excellence in the design is the precursor to the success of each project and we endeavor to deliver on this obligation.



Armando Rose


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